Death Force
Death Force

Their Paymaster: A Top Private Military Corporation called DEF, better known as Death Force.

Their Destination: Helmand, Afghanistan.

Their Mission: Top secret, black ops…


No one knows if any of them will return alive. But what is certain: if they die, they’ll die fighting.

It’s an operation anyone in their right mind would walk away from.

But Steve West, ex-SAS soldier, is looking for a big payday: enough money to buy his uncle’s vintage car dealership ands to settle down at last. And Ollie Hall, ex- Household Cavalry, has his own demons to lay to rest, and a fiancé to please.

Together they assemble a ten-strong team of the most ruthlessly efficient military mercenaries they can find, all experts in their killing fillings. Amongst them is Chris Reynolds, ex-South African Special Forces Brigade, as tough as they come; Dan Coleman, former Australian SASR operative with a blemished record but a mission to overturn an injustice; Ganju Rai, ex-Gurkha paratrooper fighting for his family and his honour; Ian Murphy, once an IRA terrorist and an expert bomb-maker; and Maksim Perova, a former member of the Russian Spetsnaz, hyper-trained and athletic, one of the bravest but also the most reckless, introduced to the team by his beautiful sister Orlena…

In a novel that is as thrilling as it is authentic, Death Force brings together the combat expertise of an international group of guns for hire who have an awful lot to lose, and even more to gain…





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