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Below are a list of the short novellas that I have written. Mostly they can all be downloaded via Amazon Kindle. A series of new novellas are planned and will appear here once completed.

Black Ops: Libya [Kindle Edition]

Black Ops : LibyaTripoli: 2011. The most dangerous place on earth. Unit Five, a NATO Special Forces squad specialising in Black Ops, drops two of its most experienced men into the city. Former SAS man Alex Marden and ex-Navy Seal Jack Rogan are sent to retrieve a document that, if it fell into the hands of rebel forces, would cause the downfall of the British and American governments.

But they are soon caught up in the chaos surrounding the collapse of the regime of the old dictator Colonel Zayed.

And they are thrown into a conspiracy in which only they are expendable.

Black Ops: Libya is a terrifyingly realistic action thriller ripped straight from the headlines.

It is a brand-new novella from Matt Lynn, the best-selling author of the ‘Death Force’ series of adventure thrillers, including ‘Death Force’, ‘Fire Force’, ‘Shadow Force’ and ‘Ice Force’. 



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Lethal Force - FREE DOWNLOAD


Lethal ForceRyan Bekker took a single step forward from the line of five men, and offered Steve West his hand. He was a big, ugly brute of a man, with the build of a tractor. “I’ll be your executioner today,” he said in a clipped South African accent. “Enjoy.”


“I don’t suppose you fancy a day off, pal,” said Steve.


Bekker shook his head. “You’ll get a five minute head start. Then we’ll come after you. And kill you.”


Steve could feel a pump of adrenaline in his veins. “Just a game, right?”


Bekker flashed up his watch. “The clock’s ticking.”


Steve started to run hard. After five years in the SAS, and five more as a mercenary for a private military corporation called Dudley Emergency Force – known as Death Inc. within its deadly trade - he reckoned he was as fit as any man. Even so….


Against Bekker, and his four thugs?


Who the hell knows?



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