The News of the World:

“Matt Lynn’s novel is up there with the finest that Andy McNabb or Chris Ryan have ever penned. The characters are believable, the story pulls you in and there are enough turns to keep you gripped. Fun enough to get through in one sitting.”

Daily Express:

“I was anticipating a good time and I wasn’t disappointed. A cracking action thriller. You can taste the dust and smell the blood.”

Canberra Times:
"Blistering. Full To The Brim With Military Detail."
City AM:

"A well-told, cracking tale of manly doings in a shadowy environment."

Lancashire Evening Post:

“Lynn’s superbly realistic thriller is one of those good old-fashioned adventure yarns that sets your heart thumping and your pulses racing.”

Belfast Newsletter:

“A riveting military action adventure novel.”
"From the gun fight on the road through to the reason for their being in Afghanistan the action never lets up for a moment. Lynn knows how to keep the pace going and there were occasions when I found I was holding my breath.”
“With the pace fast enough to keep the pages turning, Matt Lynn writes a magnificent, visually-descriptive thriller featuring ten desperate and dangerous men plunged into a world of torture and treachery — well-defined characters with whom the reader can identify. Death Force is a highly-visual, rip-roaring adventure story.”
Material Witness:
“Death Force has a great set-up, is well-structured, moves with good pace, has some interesting, if occasionally clichéd,  characters and moves to a gripping conclusion through a series of unexpected turns. On top of this Lynn can really write, and his dialogue and sense of timing in particular are impressive.”
Dover Express:

“Matt Lynn captures the life and death of those who elect to take up this dangerous employment in his thrilling novel, Death Force.”






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