Shadow Force

Shadow ForceSomalia.




Pirates are terrorising the world’s busiest shipping lanes, taking ships hostage and demanding ransoms running into millions of dollars.


The pose a huge threat to the world economy.


MI6 puts together a ‘Shadow Force’ – a top-secret, covert group of special forces soldiers, operating off the books.


Against their will, Steve West, Ollie Hall and the rest of the Death Force team are chosen to staff it.


Their mission: to capture the pirate leader, a brutal Somali warlord called Ali Yasin.


But as they fight their way through Somalia, the Death Force team are thrown into a deadly-game of double and triple-cross.


And soon they are fighting for the lives in the most dangerous, lawless country in the world – and struggling to combat a conspiracy in which only their lives are expendable.


- ‘Shadow Force’ will be published in February, 2011.






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